I See You, Coachella

April 24, 2017

This past weekend I made the journey out west to Indio, California for Coachella Music Festival. It was amazing to say the least. And, might I add, I saw no flower crowns this year! I knew it would be hot and so I tailored all of my outfits accordingly, yet still managed to sweat the entire time. Attractive, I know. Going through two bottles of sunscreen in three days was the least of my worries. The dust/wind combination from the dessert started to affect my eyes as well. LUCKILY I had the perfect shades with help from Eyecessorize to block most of that skin-damaging sun and unwanted desert dust. (They also looked great on!)

My new sunnies protected my eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and were a stylish accessory to my festival wardrobe. The circular lenses of the Vuarnet  and Shwood shades and the darker color of the metal frames suited my face well and complimented my outfit choices. If I were without my sunglasses for longer than a few minutes my eyes would start itching and turn a reddish color. Who knew desert sun would have such an impact? Being out in the sun all day in this heat made me realize the harmful effects the sun can have on your eyes and to your health as a whole and how important it is to protect yourself. For more information about UV eye health visit https://thevisioncouncil.org/content/uv-protection. Maybe I should have taken precaution with my choice of footwear as well… My feet were on fire for 4 days (and still hurting after a week) but it was totally worth every callus!

Check out my pictures from the festival below!



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