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June 6, 2017

Cheers to the start of my third Summer in NYC!

After moving to New York City in November of 2014, I dreaded the coming of Summer particularly because, as everyone may or may not be aware, the city is about ten degrees warmer than the surrounding suburbs due to the air quality, the amount overcrowding of a small area, and the lack of vegetation to cool the air. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be near the ocean every day of the Summer anymore and nervous about what I was (or wasn’t) going to wear come Summer. The thought occurred to me of just wearing a bathing suit around the city. Why Brian?

Anyway, thanks to INC International Concepts I have some awesome Summer staples that I know will get me through these (not so, from what I’ve experienced) brutally hot upcoming months. Luckily the past two summers have been pretty moderate temperature-wise which I’m so grateful for -as is my electric bill. Light-weight shirts and a pair of comfortable pull-on shorts are the way to go this summer. If you want to go a bit more dressy but don’t want to look like you’re going to a formal business meeting try the new banded collar button down which still creates a fun, casual look without being too dressy. Another solid Summer choice is the mesh shirt which is unbelievably breathable and will help you stay rather cool during these next few months.

Check out some of my looks below and shop INC International Concepts, available only at Macy’s, for more great pieces!

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