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Hi there!

Hmm, where do I begin? I hate introductions. Well, here goes nothing…or something. My name is Brian Morr and I’m a 30 year old lifestyle influencer and menswear blogger living in the beautiful and booming city of Manhattan. Interesting, I know. Another interesting fact: I love the beach. This is all so groundbreaking, really. You may think the name of my blog came from this particular sentiment but you’d be wrong. It’s a lyric derived from one of my favorite songs by a not-so-well-known artist named Andrew McMahon who is the lead singer of the not-so-well-known band, Jack’s Mannequin. The lyric reads, “I swear to God this mix could sink the sun, but it was you I was thinking of.” May not mean much to you, but to me it speaks volumes and weirdly enough, it inspired me to start this lifestyle blog.

So you may ask yourself, why blogging? I’ll tell you. Blogging provides me with a platform to share my world with others whether it be through the sights of the city or what I’m doing or wearing on a random Friday in October. It can be a major form of influence to someone who needs that extra push to start a project or a campaign of their own. Fine, roll your eyes at me but who knows what can happen when you challenge yourself and try to make a difference, maybe in turn it could have a positive effect on someone else.

Phew, I’m tired of typing and you’re most likely tired of reading.

 So guys, follow me along my journey and please provide any constructive feedback if you feel so inclined.